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Why Choose Meaty Treats?

A Dogs Tail…

10 reasons why my real meat treats are so paw-some!

The human’s are always rambling on about how they want to feed us dogs more natural treats. I mean I’m not going to complain because I just love treats – and these naturally meaty treats are just delicious. But I keep trying to tell them why they should reward me with high meat dog treats more often because they are simply made with 100% natural ingredients as well as being super scrummy.

If it was down to me I would have a yummy Chewy Twist with Chicken for pudding at breakfast lunch and dinner, but I’m told that they’re only “rewards” – not that I really know what this means – because I’ve figured out that if I bark loud enough in the company of visitors I get ‘rewarded’ with one of my favourite treats. It’s like magic really.

So it’s simple really, I have 10 reasons why my real meat treats are so paw-some. So humans listen up…tell your family, make sure that your friends know and most importantly reward your fur-pal with these naturally delicious treats at every opportunity!

1. They’re really good for me!

Amazingly Good Boy’s high meat treats are naturally low in fat and salt making them super duper healthy for us dogs. Try treating your fur-pals with a couple of Chicken & Calcium Bones , they only have 1% fat, but are still ridiculously tasty.

2. You humans love to reward us with natural treats

What is better than a doggy treat I hear you ask? Well only one thing really…a natural treat! Meaty treats are simply made from all-natural ingredients.

3. All made with 100% natural meat

My humans treat me like their fur-baby, this means that they want to feed me with the best possible ingredients. All Good Boy’s meaty treats are made with 100% natural human grade meat, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!

4. No tummy aches

Upset tummies are no more because all my favourite flavours are grain free and don’t contain any artificial nasties. My favourites are the Duck Fillets and Chewy Twists with Duck.

5. Roasted in their own juices

You know what makes them so tasty? It’s got to be the fact that they’re roasted in their own natural juices. It really helps to keep that delicious meaty flavour.

6. Super-duper, extra-big bulk bags

What’s even better than one, or even two meaty dog treats is a huge bag full. It’s just however much I bark and whine my humans will never ever give me the whole bag, something about me getting a big belly…I don’t mind if I have a big fat tummy.

7. Lots of varieties

The duck flavour is really my favourite, but there are lots of yummy flavours, shapes and types for the humans to choose from. With chicken, beef, lamb and even venison it really feels like a different flavour for every day of the week!

8. They’re nutritious and wholesome

With absolutely no animal derivatives or ‘nasties’, these treats are extremely delicious, nutritious and wholesome for us doggies.

9. Great for my teeth

Us dogs love to chew, it’s natural instinct and it’s no hidden fact that chewing is great for our teeth and gums. Not only does the chewing keep me quiet, it helps to reduce the risk of gum disease – or so I’m told!


With so many scrummy flavours to choose from in lots of different variations of shapes and sizes, Good Boy’s meaty treats are absolutely perfect from treating me and my doggy-pals for every occasion.

Have I answered your question “Why choose meaty treats?” I’m sure you humans can now understand why us dogs just love high meat treats and why we think they’re so paw-some! And what’s more, you get to feed your doggies 100% natural dog treats every day.

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