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All Dogs,
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At Good Boy, we love dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and skills.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a real trier or a first-class fetcher, there’s one thing we believe to be true: every dog has its day! Our quiz puts your dog in the spotlight and lets you see how their skills stack up against their furry friends.

Has your pooch got what it takes?

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The best tricks are learnt from the comfort of home…
So can your doggo do the following?

Find an Object
Close the Door
Lay Down
Put Toys Away

Being out and about can definitely result in distractions…
Can your dog do the following?

Stand Tall/On Hind Legs
Weave Through Legs
Drop It

The park means lots of sniffing and lots of wagging…
But can they still do the following?

Roll Over
Run Through Tunnel
Jump Over Stick
Touch Target With Nose

Put down the pint and pick up a dog treat…
Can your pup do the following?

No Begging
Spin on the Spot
Sit With Front Paws Up
Balance Treat on Nose/Paw
Play Dead

Finally, communicating with humans is a fine art to master…
Can they do the following?

High Five/Paw
Nod/Shake Head
Be Shy
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