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Meet our doggies

Who Let the Dogs Out!?

There are dogs galore here at Good Boy, and as you can imagine our HQ is bursting at the seams with furry pals! So it’s super important that you meet our fur-family and understand the inspiration behind the treats, toys, food and much more.

We believe that having doggies in the work place is super important and certainly provides laughs, playtime and even cuddles. And what can we say about our pooches…? Their day in the office is full to the brim of chewy toys, meaty treats, walkies and most importantly tonnes of cuddles!

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


Hello everyone, my name is Inka and I’m 1-year-old. My pet parent calls me by lots of different names, I’m called Pretty a lot – whatever that means – as well as Meme as I can’t bare not being involved in any game or cuddle that my brother and sister are enjoying. I also like to chase the hoover and dig holes in the garden.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Strips

I belong to the Trade Sales Team


My name is Elton and I’m the doggy-est doggo you’ll ever meet. It’s simple really, my favourite things are eating, especially toilet rolls and socks! I also love sleeping and receiving lots of attention. Which leads me to my dislikes. I hate it when the hooman’s look at their phones when I’m around, all eyes should be on me at ALL times. And water is my worst enemy, whether it’s puddles or baths, I don’t care!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : DISC Chicken & Spinach Sticks

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


Hello everybody, my name is Elsa and I’m an 8 year old Hungarian Vizsla. Everyone tells me I’m beautiful – I know, I know! I love going for long walks, especially in the woods where I can smell loads of cool stuff and chase squirrels. I also love to swim, especially if I’ve got a ball or stick to save. When I’m not doing any of that, my favourite thing is lying down, following the cat around and getting lots of fuss from my hoomans!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken & Carrot Sticks

I belong to the National Accounts Team


My name is Winston and I’m 5 months old. My hoomans tell me that I’m a Saluki cross and that I’m going to be really big when I grow up…but they never tell me I’m a good boy – I think differently! Digging holes in the garden is my absolute favourite, but I also like snoozing lots.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Duck Twists

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


Eh up me chucks, I’m Wilson and I was named after the ball in Castaway “Wiiiiiilsooooon” anywho I’m a cheeky Chihuahua and it’s right what they say about us, I yap at pretty much anything – even fresh air. I’m 5 years young and I love the chicken dumbbells – they are scrummy.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Dumbbells

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


Woofcome. My name is Billy and i’m a Shih Tzu and I’m a very  laid back dog. I’m 9 years old and I’m no guard dog. I still like playing with my toys each day and I enjoy watching my owner clean up after me when I’ve ripped up all my teddies up to get the hidden treasure….the squeaker. I like pretty much all meaty treats but Pigs in Blankets are my fav. They are pawsome.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Pigs in Blankets

I belong to the Business Transformation Team


I’m Samantha, or Sam for short. I’m an 8-year-old German Shepherd. I’ve got my humans wrapped around my little finger and know that if I invade their personal space loads I’ll get spoilt rotten – or at least that’s how it seems! I just adore my family and they love to scratch behind my ears, which is my favourite…


Favourite Good Boy Treat : Good Boy Soft Hug Tug Owl Dog Toy

I belong to the Credit Control Team


My name is Astro, I am a lurcher cross breed. I was rescued from the Dogs Trust when I was 9 months old so I can be a little nervous around new people. I love going on long walks especially to the beach, and cuddling up on the sofa with my toy when I’m home with my family.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Strips

I belong to the Supply Team


My name is Jag and I’m 9 year old Jack Russell. I could talk for hours about myself, but at the end of the day the secret of looking good is chasing squirrels and having a good nap in a comfy bed. And don’t forget about tasty treats. See ya!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Pork Bone

I belong to the Finance Team


Hello hooman’s! I’m a 3 year old Black Lab and I was rescued by my fur-ever family from a Labrador rescue centre in 2019. I love to spend time with my hoo-mum and keep her company under the desk whilst she’s working. I love treats, but which doggy doesn’t!? Chicken Strips & Pigs in Blankets are my absolute favourites, they’re not just for Christmas after all.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Pigs in Blankets

I belong to the Quality Control Team


I’m Mary and my official job title is Quality Control Assistant – or so I’m told. I love eating wedges of watermelon. But shall I tell you what I really dislike? Those pesky cats – and fireworks really scare me. My humans say that I do a really good impression of a monkey…I don’t understand it myself!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken and Calcium Bones

I belong to the Marketing Team


Hello! I’m a Labrador puppy and my name is Jess. I LOVE games and playing, especially when I play in the woods with my friends. My humans make lots of ‘aww’ noises when I greet them in the morning because apparently my walk is all wiggly, I’m just so excited to see them and give them their early morning gift of my favourite toy!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Good Boy Raggy Lamb Dog Toy

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


My name is Monty and I’m a 1-year-old Labrador. My humans tell me that although I’m grown up now, I still act like a naughty puppy! I don’t think this is really very true, but it’s just loads of fun chewing the skirting boards and door frames. I also love some fuss from anyone who wants to give it to me!


Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Twists

I belong to the Technical Team


My name is Ally, I’m a 10 year old retired greyhound. I’m a huge fan of this thing you humans call sleeping, my favourite places to ‘sleep’ are my bed, the sofa, the spare bed and my pet parents bed of course! I also love a yum yum, I know exactly which cupboard to get my treats from, but I really don’t like vegetables. My humans are trying to sneak them into my food all the time!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Beef Fillets

I belong to the Trade Sales Team


Hello! I’m Brandy, and I’m a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles. My absolute favourite things are the seaside, belly tickles, cuddles and kisses – really I’m just a big love bug! Those pesky cats get on my nerves though, I have to constantly patrol in my garden and woof woof at them to go away. But the allotments make up for it, I get to go with my neighbour and have lots of fuss for the lovely men there!


Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken & Rice Bones

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


My name is Pixie and am a Jack Russell Terrier. My absolute favourite thing EVER is eating, and I would eat all day long if my human would let me. I love to swim, but most of all I like swimming in muddy ditches – but mum always insists on bathing me afterwards. I don’t like that!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Good Boy Soft Crinkle Duck Dog Toy

I belong to the National Accounts Team


I’m Essie, AKA Westerino The Dream Machine. Unlike my name suggests I’ve been more of a nightmare growing up. But now I’m 3 I’ve decided to change my ways to be super-well behaved. I absolutely love sticks, holding hands with the hoomans and hanging out with my dad.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Dumbbells

I belong to the National Accounts Team


The name’s Trixie, I’m a 3-year-old rescue terrier and when I’m not super happy playing with my ball, I’m generally a little bit grumpy – or so I’m told! My favourite thing of all time is going on holiday with my family, and always find a boat trip really fun, especially a pedalo or canoe.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Twists

I belong to the Portfolio Management Team


How to introduce myself? “The Best Dog in the World” is my official title, but you can call me Moss. I’m an extra-large Jack Russell Terrier and am 13 years young. I’m as brave as a lion and have competed in dog agility shows for over 10 years – even Crufts! Now I’m a little older I’m much sleepier though.

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Venison Steaks

We belong to the International Sales Team

Hale & Logan

‘Ey up…Hale & Logan here. A.K.A Hale & Terror Pup. We’re both ready for action when it calls us and compete in agility shows which is really fun and burns off some of our steam. Hale is usually too busy sleeping, which means I can hog all of his treats if I keep quiet!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Mega Chewy Chicken Twist

I belong to the Procurement Team

Daisy Dog

Hello, my name is Daisy and I used to work for a living. Now that I’m almost 14 years old, I am very much enjoying retirement with my family. I especially love to play ball at any opportunity and going for long walks, although I am a little slower than I used to be in my younger days!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Good Boy Go Fetch Super Ball Dog Toy

I belong to the Sales Team


I’m Jake & I’m a grand old age of 14! I’m really happy all the time and adore the seaside when I’m paddling in the sea, especially when my best bud, Bentley, is there. I love going to work with my mum and my giant meerkat cuddly is my all-time favourite!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Good Boy Choc Drops Dog Treats

I belong to the Sales Team


Hello! I’m 1-year-old Barnaby and I’m told that I really do live up to my Springer Spaniel name. My favourites are running, playing, chasing through bushes and trees, jumping and what else? Oh yeah, I love my toys, and best of all, I love ripping them to pieces!

Favourite Good Boy Treat : Duck and Calcium Bones

I belong to the IT Team


I’m Rosie and I’m 7 years old and am a Parson Russell, nice to meet you. I love to be part of the action, but my absolute favourite hobby is destroying all my toys within minutes. My humans tell me I’m a moody teenager as I like to stay in bed and I also dislike wearing my red coat!


Favourite Good Boy Treat : Chicken Strips

Join the Good Boy Team

Do you want to work for a business that is full of fun and energy? Do you get a buzz from working in a dynamic environment? Good Boy is at the heart of pet care innovation and has got the perfect opportunity for you! Take a nosy around the below and if you fit the bill and all-importantly have a passion about all things dog, then drop us a line.

Sorry, no vacancies currently available.