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Ideal for dark evening play

Ideal for retrieving games

Keeps your dog active & entertained

Product Description

Getting dogs’ tails wagging is our aim here at Good Boy and we create super fun and interesting toys to do just that! We cover off all play needs so there’s something for every doggy’s taste.

Super bounce activated flashing technology.

There has always been mystery surrounding the existance of UFOs, now the canine popuplation is rising up, as one, to claim that they truly do exist.

Now many dogs have been seen chasing unidentified objects through the night sky in parks and fields all around the world. Some say it’s the super, durable outdoor fun Lob IT UFO toy, others aren’t so sure…

Get your Lob IT UFO! and let your pet join in the extraterrestrial fun!

Please be aware that it’s your responsibility as the dog owner to decide if this toy is suitable for your dog. All dogs are different after all! No toy is suitable for every dog.