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How to Feature on Our Social Wall

Here at Good Boy, we love dogs! (That should be fairly obvious!?) So we’ve been thinking of the best way to showcase all of our fur friends off…whilst also obsessing over the super cute pictures. What better way than with a Top Dog Hall of Fame purely to all our Good Boy fur-pals?

How to Feature 

To feature on the social wall and be entered into our monthly prize draw, you will need to share a photo or video of your fur-baby to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There are some restrictions so please have a read through the rest of this post to understand how to feature from each platform. 

Posting on Facebook 

Unfortunately, we can’t feature anything that is posted in comments. 

In order for users to be featured on our social wall from Facebook, you will need to publish to our community page.  Alternatively, we can feature posts by reposting your content. To do this simply drop us a message and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to get your fur-baby featured. 

Posting on Twitter

Twitter is a lot easier for users to feature. Simply @goodboydog_ or use our hashtag#GoodBoyUGCyes

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Posting on Instagram

To feature from your Instagram account just simply tag us in any of your photos making sure to use the hashtag #GoodBoyUGCyes.