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Made with over 60% natural chicken

With delicious superfoods

Low in fat

Product Description

Making dogs’ tails waggle is second nature here at Good Boy. We produce really exciting, yummy treats to keep your dog happy as well as entertained.

These delicious Super Licious Chicken, Apple & Cranberry Sticks & Bones are no exception, made with over 60% super duper tasty natural chicken breast meat, dogs love them!

Not only that, these tasty meaty sticks & bones are packed with superfoods to help your dog eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Fruit and vegetables are a great addition to your dog’s healthy diet, so we’ve made it easy! Taking tasty chicken which dog’s love and adding a mix of yummy fruit and veg, helps them get the nutrients they need without any fuss.

Super Licious treats are low in fat, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – great as a daily reward and suitable for all breeds.